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Nights Fury was founded in 2009 with the hopes of creating a family oriented gaming environment for people of all ages. The guild is primarily run by Mistrez, Mr.NightsFury and a team of Awesome Officers. Once accepted into NF, you are automatically one of the family. The guild offers diversity, consistency and most of all stability. We strive to maintain an untarnished reputation in game and want all guildies to feel the same. Rudeness to other guildies and other gamers will not be tolerated. We do believe in a fair chance and will hear both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion.


Nights Fury is a GRB/PvP/EndGame guild. We are NOT ,however, a plvling guild and those that are looking for plvl's should not apply here. The guild believes in learning the game for yourself so that you can better yourself, better your friends and guildies and in the end create a strong knowledgeable guild. We are all about fun and games and have many officer sponsered events on the website as well as in game.

* NF currently has a Guildhouse. More info on the guildhouse can be found on site after application acceptance.  We also have ventrilo available to all guildies. Information regarding ventrilo will be rewarded upon acceptance of application as well.*

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